Ghost Adventures team (Travel Channel) visits Virginia City, Nevada

31 Jan

My heart is in Nevada, even though I haven’t lived there in over a dozen years. I was born and raised in California, but now, to me, Carson City/Reno area of Nevada is “home”. Especially since a good chunk of my family is there.

The team of Ghost Adventures (Zak, Aaron and Nick) which airs on Travel Channel is one of my most favorite Paranormal TV series. And they are originally from Las Vegas, Nevada, where they founded the investigation team.

When visiting, and when I did live there in Carson City, I would take a trip to Virginia City, the famed town featured on the old hit show “Bonanza”. I’ve made my way to that old historic town countless times. And each time, it’s all new to me. I never get tired of walking through the town, in to the old buildings and learning a little more about it’s rich (and even somewhat dark) past.

Not to mention stopping through the old cemetery. Even during the day, for me at least, it’s alive. But not in the sense of having blood coursing through your veins. This “liveliness” has more of an ethereal feel to it. A certain vibe, if you will.

This coming Summer (2012), I am taking a long overdue trip back home, via Amtrak and taking my three kids with me. My husband will join us a few days later, coming in by plane, due to work schedule stuff. And yes, one of the stops that I will be sure to make while there, is over in Virginia City.

Including Bucket of Blood Saloon and the Old Washoe Club. And of course, the old cemetery.

To get myself revved up, I have decided to post a couple of videos from episodes of Ghost Adventures, where they… ventured to Virginia City to investigate. I do not own the videos, and am not endorsing Ghost Adventures, or am I endorsing Travel Channel. But I must say, seeing the guys walking through the town, stepping back in to history really excites me and gets me even more pumped to go back to my old…. haunts.



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