A “Hauntingly” Awesome Life (A bit about me & mine)

My name is Missy and I am thrilled you stopped by.

I am 35 years old and married. Scott is 39 and works for a nation-wide food retail chain.

Together we have three pretty awesome kids. Two girls with a boy squished in the middle. And we live in the “great” state of Virginia.

My main “job” right now is being a Stay-At-Home Mom. But I do volunteer work one to two days a week (weather permitting, seeing as I walk to the school) for my childrens’ school. Mainly in my daughter’s Kindergarten class.

My hobbies are reading, blogging, taking walks, eating out (when we can), watching movies (especially those with Nicolas Cage).

I’m also a Paranormal enthusiast who has had “run in’s” with ghosts more than I can honestly count since the age of eight years old. I’ve been sat on, touched, kissed, my name called, been “talked to” (like ‘hello’ and ‘hey!’), seen apparitions, and have had the feelings of being watched and/or followed.

Things even happen here in my current home. Primarily in the attic and basement areas of my home.

ParanorMel is about ALL things Paranormal, but I also document about happenings in my home as well, and the experiences that my children claim that they too have from time to time. And it centers primarily around ghosts and hauntings.

If you wish to be a GUEST BLOGGER, or you would like a certain topic covered, please let me know via EMAIL (located on my expanded profile). Just be sure in the subject line you are coming from my blog and if it’s a Reader Request or a Guest Blogger Request.

Thanks for haunting my page. I hope you will join as a Follower.


Someone has haunted my page, and said...

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