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First, A Rock. Now… Breaking My Stuff.

Look, I am ALL for being recognized. I’m not the kind of girl that likes to be ignored. And I’m not one to ignore people. Really. But I think it’s time to ignore, or at least TRY to ignore whomever is playing games.

And these games aren’t the kind that are really kid friendly. And they certainly aren’t games that keep objects safe, either.

Last week, I had posted about the rock that was flung VERY hard from INSIDE my home by unseen force and hands… or people. It whacked the metal of the screen door so hard, that it ricocheted off of the door, hit the wood door, then bounced off of it and landed right at the door way in between the two doors. To read that entry, CLICK HERE.

This morning another strange anomaly has happened. One that has not taken place in several months. The last occurrence in that spot happened somewhere in between Halloween and Thanksgiving of last year (2011).

It was an exact week since the rock incident. The only difference is that today’s problem happened this morning. The rock was thrown at around 4:30 in the afternoon of last Thursday.

Basically, this is what transpired in the dining room…

One of my salt/pepper shakers literally “flew” off of it’s shelf above the lizard’s cage and smashed all over my dining room floor.

There’s no conceivable way that this should have happened. If it fell, it would have hit the top of the cage, and bounced off, or have stayed atop the cage.

It was “thrown” off the shelf with so much force on to the floor, that it shattered…. Here we go again. Second thing from there to do that.

The shelf is firmly connected to the wall of the dining room, above my Bearded Dragon’s cage. You cannot access the back of the cage and the table that the cage sits on, being that both are right at, or extremely close to the wall.

And like I had already previously stated, the shaker never just tipped or fell over. If so, then it would HAVE TO land on Gobi’s cage (40 gal. long tank with screened top). Then from there, it would either come to rest on the top of the cage, or roll off (which is basically impossible with the cage being wide) and then hit the floor. Still, it would have maybe only cracked, but not all out shatter.

The salt shaker hit the wood floor with such a hard force, that it literally shattered in to small pieces. It’s as if someone got angry, grabbed the boot-shaped shaker and had thrown the shaker on to the floor very hard in a fit of rage and/or anger.

Thankfully, my kids (and the one child that stayed last night, being he is one of my son’s friends) were NOT in the dining room for breakfast when this took place. God only knows what could have happened.


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Possession of Inanimate Objects (VIDEOS included!)

My father has a “Bride” doll sitting atop his dresser in his bedroom. Because it was in storage for a while, in the desert setting heat (Nevada, in Carson City), the face is a bit squished inward. Which makes that stupid doll even more creepy.

And it’s supposed to go to my oldest daughter. But having the vibes and chills from it in 2007 while out there, I already told my Dad that while it was stipulated in the will for his mother’s doll (antique) to go to her, that it will NOT me welcomed in to my home.

There is more than JUST a doll sitting on that dresser. It’s eyes followed me. I felt like I was being followed almost, even though it stayed stationary. Too much creep-factor for this chick to handle!

And I really don’t wish to be a spectator like the ones in the following video…. Especially with this kind of phenomenon.


Um…. Thanks. But I’ll pass on the possibility to have this happen. And in my own home of all places.

Here is a popular doll. Robert.


As you can see from these videos, it seems that spirits can take on forms within dolls. They supposedly can walk, open and close the dolls eyes and maybe even talk.

Dolls are vessels in which were initially made as to withhold and contain spirits of the dead. Or so, it is said, anyways. I believe that with haunting phenomena, anything is honestly possible. Because it’s all about energy and matter. Which is primarily what makes us.

We are energy and matter. And those two traits cannot be killed or destroyed. And I believe that those two things make what we deem as being our soul or spirit. It is what carries on of us after our physical being is gone from this earth.

What is YOUR take on the possibility of dolls being possessed by the dead? Is it a real possible equation in the mysteries of life, death, and the hereafter? Or is it that the old “dirt nap” is nothing but no brain activity, rotting away of your shell and that you have nothing to look forward to?

And can we come back again?… Reincarnation. Or regeneration of our spirit/soul. That will be the next subject I think we will tackle at a later date.


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Demonic Haunting, or extremely good fakery?

Watch this video in it’s entirety and then leave YOUR opinion/judgement in the comment area.

**Please remember!!**… In this subject field, there is NO right or wrong answer. To debate the topic and video is one thing, but please DO NOT ATTACK one another in the comments section. We all have a right to our own PERSONAL views and opinions. Thanks.

As for myself, the first portion of the video, where the man is seemingly hung in the owner’s attic is HIGHLY believable. And I feel it is good video evidence of demonic activity and spiritual hauntings.

The next segment of the dining table is sketchy to me. It seems staged.

As for the chair (white area) and the sheet rock, THAT is amazing, and scary at the same time. And more believable than the dining room area.

As for the WARREN segment, it too is difficult for me to believe. Why? Because for most of the time, you do NOT see but ONE person out of all that are in the room on the tape, as they are “communicating” through knocking. And how in the hell is a 10-year-old able to be SO calm while a poltergeist moves her chair as she (calmly) does her homework. Hmmm…


Are They Building On HAUNTED Grounds?

In my local news paper, there is talk of a court hearing that is to happen sometime today over the wold-wide known retail chain, WalMart and it’s wanting to build “near” a National landmark from the Civil War.

Read the full article HERE

As most of us know, the Civil War ended up being one of our nation’s most bloodiest battles, with hundreds of thousands dead. And this site that the WalMart wishes to build on is certainly one of the bloodiest areas. And to many of us that wish to preserve history, one that should remain untouched and kept as a place of remembrance. Of our history, and of those that fought and died.

It is said that sometimes, when you build on grounds such as this, that you may unintentionally “awaken” the spirits of those that had lost their lives on the grounds some years before.

Take for instance, the infamous story of the haunting of Toys ‘R’ Us in Sunnyvale, California.

To read in detail about Johnny Johnson, who reportedly haunts the famous toy store and why, READ THIS ARTICLE. And be sure to read BOTH pages, being that the second page speaks of the types of things that happen at the store.

Personally, I do believe that building on ANY kind of “sacred” grounds can have ill effects. For both the living and for those that are still here after their worldly passing.

My family has strong ties to the Civil War, as well as to World War 2, when we went to war with Germany. In both cases, I say leave alone which is to not be touched. To infringe upon THEIR grounds where they fought, suffered and died to me is a disservice to them and to our country as a whole. And it is asking for those that are still restless to come and make their uneasiness well known to the living.

And I’m not one for having a can of peas thrown at me by unseen hands and forces.

*NOTE/DISCLAIMER*… I in no way endorse the Psychic featured here in the following video, Sylvia Browne. I myself even question her authenticity. But this is the best video I can find to at least explain the haunting’s history and of what seemingly happens as reported by the (at least then) employees of the store in question. This video, remember is circa 1991.


New Year BLOG HOP/LINK UP Weekend! Come & add YOUR Paranormal blog.

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Two Times In Two Weeks..

Strange. For being (for the most part) a skeptic, he certainly is having a time of explaining away the last couple weeks of instances.

My husband is kind of like an Agnostic. He can’t prove that God exists, nor can he prove that God doesn’t exist. And he won’t completely deny His existence. But is on the fence about the existence of God.

Same thing concerning my husband in regards to ghosts/spirits and paranormal activity. Yes, he DOES believe that there are other life forms (aliens) outside our universe and that it’s a real possibility that they have visited our orbit. But the notion that there are some people that still “hang around” after this life is over is a bit of a hard pill to swallow for him.

Whereas for me, the subject of ghostly paranormal things is a no brainer. Ghosts/spirits DO exist, and yes, I believe that there is something beyond THIS life in our shells.

For many years, the subject of ghosts was a bit of a battle ground between the two of us. But after experiencing a few times what had happened for those first three weeks that I ever left him and the kids on their own to tend to family matters across the country, that battle ground seemingly got a bit smaller. And over the years, smaller than that.

So, in the last couple of weeks, including last night, it got even tinier. Though, with him, there will always be doubt I think, until something drastic happens (apparitions). Last week, I had told of his hearing what sounded like a pencil being rolled playfully by someone in the attic. To read about it, CLICK HERE.

That time, even though myself, the kids, and my husband were all either in the living room or the dining room (seeing as it was dinner time), it was only my husband that had heard the sounds coming from the attic, which spans the entire length of our home.

Last night, the kids were all asleep. And one cat was sleeping with the girls, while the other was not even in our room at the time of the occurrence. We heard no one (kid or cat) come down the stairs.

Out of the blue, my husband gets really still and he is obviously startled. Then, he asked me if I hear any wind outside our bedroom window. Nope. Still as can be. He claimed he saw the light that comes from the security light in the backyard brighten and dim as if someone or something was walking back and forth. But no apparent shape (human or animal).

Then, he bolted his upper body (waist and up) from the bed a bit, but not in a fully sitting position to look towards the foot of the bed. This is when he asked me if I felt “that”. I asked him what THAT was. He claimed he felt someone was sitting on the bed, and even poking at his foot area. Seemingly by his description, in a playful manner.

Oddly, nothing that HE experienced did I notice, feel or see. It was as if whomever or whatever it was, only wanted my husband to notice them for whatever reason. And normally (then again who said that myself, this family or this house was normal??) it is me that gets all the crazy, weird things happening, without any others in the house seeing/hearing/feeling it at the time.

With what is happening upstairs, the experience from last night, and by other things that I have seen myself as of late, it is looking to be very much a child-like haunting behavior. He or she isn’t trying to scare us. But they ARE trying to be playful, get noticed and are very observant of the happenings within the house. Especially with my basement stairs…


Haunted History Tour… Borely Rectory

Borely Rectory was built over near Borley Church in 1862. It’s creator was Reverend Henry Dawson Ellis Bull. The building’s architecture was inspired by Augustus Welby Northmore Pugin. And at one point in time, the Rectory had housed fourteen kids.

The church, which sets close to Borley Rectory dates back to the Twelfth Century.

In 1863, the first reported haunting of the Borely Rectory had supposedly taken place. In 1900, on July 28th, a ghostly nun was reported to be seen about forty yards away, by four of the rector’s daughters. As the girls enclosed upon this apparition to speak to the lady, the nun simply disappeared in to thin air.

Also reported from time to time is a phantom coach that has two headless horsemen driving. Bells ringing, footsteps that were heard and lights appearing in windows ended up being common place as well, mainly after the Rector’s son, Harry Bull (whom had taken over as caretaker after his father’s death). The rectory had at that point, sat in silence with no one to care for the place.

A year after Bull’s death, the home was moved in to by another couple. Reverend Guy Eric Smith and his wife. Not long after, as Mrs. Smith was cleaning, she happened upon the skull of a female. Not much time after the discovery, odd things started up once more.

On June 12, 1927, a Paranormal Researcher by the name of Harry Price, along with the news paper reporter that hired him from The Daily Mirror had made their way to the home to see what all the hub-bub was about.

No sooner did Mr. Price enter it’s doors, did Borely Rectory and it’s spirits come to life. New occurrences had started to happen. Such as stones and vases being thrown by unseen forces, messages being tapped out within mirrors. But then no sooner that Harry Price had left the home after investigating, these strange things suddenly ceased. At that point, Mrs. Smith felt that Price himself was the one haunting the home and was trying to pull the wool over the couple’s eyes.

In July of 1929, the Smith’s decided to move on, and moved out of Borley. In 1930, a new person moved in to it’s walls with his adopted daughter, Adelaide. The father’s name was Reverend Lionel Foyster.

At one point, the phenomena started up once more. And it was to a point that Reverand Foyster tried to perform an Exorcism. But to no avail. Once more, Harry Price was contacted. And he suspected that the house came back to life again. Only this time, the happenings were more sinister and malevolent.

In 1948, Harry Price had passed away. Two of his colleagues had pieced together, the best that they could of Price’s findings of Paranormal Phenomena within Borely Rectory. But mix in the fact that much of what was “experienced” within the Rectory’s walls was mostly due to Price’s own making, along with some other man-made “haunting” that is noted within the piece I am using as a research tool (link below), the two men could NOT definitively indicate that Borely Rectory was indeed haunted. “The Haunting of Borley Rectory” was published in 1956.

So all in all, it is a case of believe what you wish. And disbelieve what you will. This one is a case of “it’s up to the reader to decide”. Is Borley Rectory truly haunted, or have human hands tainted the home so badly, that we will never truly know fact from fiction?

To read more, please CLICK HERE.