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Possession of Inanimate Objects (VIDEOS included!)

My father has a “Bride” doll sitting atop his dresser in his bedroom. Because it was in storage for a while, in the desert setting heat (Nevada, in Carson City), the face is a bit squished inward. Which makes that stupid doll even more creepy.

And it’s supposed to go to my oldest daughter. But having the vibes and chills from it in 2007 while out there, I already told my Dad that while it was stipulated in the will for his mother’s doll (antique) to go to her, that it will NOT me welcomed in to my home.

There is more than JUST a doll sitting on that dresser. It’s eyes followed me. I felt like I was being followed almost, even though it stayed stationary. Too much creep-factor for this chick to handle!

And I really don’t wish to be a spectator like the ones in the following video…. Especially with this kind of phenomenon.


Um…. Thanks. But I’ll pass on the possibility to have this happen. And in my own home of all places.

Here is a popular doll. Robert.


As you can see from these videos, it seems that spirits can take on forms within dolls. They supposedly can walk, open and close the dolls eyes and maybe even talk.

Dolls are vessels in which were initially made as to withhold and contain spirits of the dead. Or so, it is said, anyways. I believe that with haunting phenomena, anything is honestly possible. Because it’s all about energy and matter. Which is primarily what makes us.

We are energy and matter. And those two traits cannot be killed or destroyed. And I believe that those two things make what we deem as being our soul or spirit. It is what carries on of us after our physical being is gone from this earth.

What is YOUR take on the possibility of dolls being possessed by the dead? Is it a real possible equation in the mysteries of life, death, and the hereafter? Or is it that the old “dirt nap” is nothing but no brain activity, rotting away of your shell and that you have nothing to look forward to?

And can we come back again?… Reincarnation. Or regeneration of our spirit/soul. That will be the next subject I think we will tackle at a later date.


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Bobby Mackey’s Music World Dance Hall…Gate to Hell?

I have seen documentaries on this place. And even an episode of Ghost Adventures, where Zak Bagans and crew not only went there and investigated once, but TWICE. And both times, people didn’t come out of the dance hall/country nightclub unscathed in one way or another.

Bobby Mackey’s Music World, which opened it’s doors as such in 1978, sits in a little country town called Wilder, Kentucky. At one time in it’s rich history it had served as the town’s slaughter house. After the place was abandoned for many, many years, Bobby Mackey decided to purchase the old, run down building and it’s land. He then turned it in to a place that was (supposed to be) fun and friendly, giving the community a place to hang out and have a good time.

But in it’s heyday before Bobby took over, there was a suicide and murder on the property. And it’s also been dubbed “the Gate to Hell”.

In the following clip, you will hear from the FORMER employee of Bobby Mackey’s and his shocking story of possession thanks to this place.

The laundry list of what has been known to those that enter the building is pretty extensive. In this clip, you get a taste of what has been known to go on, and some of the back story/history of the building….And something happens to Zak as he is talking with a building historian.

After their first taste with the demons, the GA Crew go back for another round. You get a little more of the past history, and see some eerie “coincidences”. And will get a small peek at the original tape of the exorcism of the former employee, who was possessed by one of the resident demons.

As you can see here, the demonic paranormal is NOT a thing to “play around” with. It is real. It CAN hurt you. It can possibly even KILL you.

To this day, Bobby Mackey’s Music World is open for business, serving up drinks, dance and paranormal activity.

Here is a video of Bobby singing “Johanna”, which is the tale of the supposed ghost of the woman killed by her lover, with her head cut off and dropped down the well, which is the supposed “Gate to Hell”.


Satan & 666

Today, we will talk about Satan (known also as the devil) and the significance/meaning of the number 666. Some people worship him in a belief/cult aptly named Satanism.. They perform rituals in his name. They read a book called the Satanic Bible.

I personally, do *NOT* practice, nor do I affiliate with these philosophies, nor do I engage in practices of this religion/cult/belief system.

My reasoning as to writing in regards to this topic is to bring forth more understanding about Satan and of those who practice this belief system, and to enlighten those as to the significance to the number “666”.

The devil (Satan) is considered to be a significant article of cryptology, religious belief, and one of the biggest pieces of Paranormal-related writings to be found. And honestly, I myself AM interested in the fallen angel’s significance and history.

The following five-part documentary (via YouTube) is from 2006.

In part one (below), the people featured talk about the Jersey Devil.

Part two speaks of Demonology, Satanism and the “gateway to Hell”.

Is the old saying, “the Devil made me do it” really more than JUST a ‘saying’, and can really be taken as a possibility that INDEED Satan can have THAT much power over a person?

A piece on Son of Sam and his psychology in regards to being a “Devil Worshiper” and in essence, went on a killing spree.

Satan’s influence and can a human “find” the devil’s presence?

Watch the following video about “666”, also known as the mark of the Beast, and take from it what you will. It is for YOU, the viewer to decide. (Part 1 of 2. Please watch part 2 on YouTube, if you so choose.)



There have been many a movie made about the subject. Linda Blair’s “The Exorcist” being (not very) arguably the most famous of them all. And now, we have a new version for today’s generation, aptly titled, “The Last Exorcism”.

It is primarily a well-known Catholic practice. And one, if done for real, and not faked in any way, being performed on a truly possessed victim, can be extremely frightening, let alone a draining task to partake in.

But Exorcisms also are performed within the Islamic, Hindu, Judaism and Buddhism faiths/religions, as well.

To get a much better understanding of the practice, please feel free to CLICK HERE and read more. Including the Scientific World’s view of the practicing of Exorcisms.

One of the most famous of our time, in Germany is the story of Anneliese Michel. She was reportedly possessed by six demon entities. She had underwent an exorcism in 1975.

Apparently, the movie, “The Exorcism of Emily Rose” was at least in part, based upon the story of Anneliese Michel.

Please watch the following videos to get a better idea of Anneliese’s story. They are speaking in Czechoslovakian, but English subtitles are included.

WARNING!! Some of what you are about to watch can be very disturbing in nature. Viewer discretion is advised.

Of course not everyone believes in Possession, let alone Exorcism. And sadly, like always, Science and Religion will always collide.

Many people that do not prescribe to this as being a real infliction will tout that the person is just in some way, severely mentally disturbed. Be it Bipolar,Schizophrenia or other Mental Disorders.

The only ones that know for certain, if indeed Possession is for real, are those that are claiming as such.

You be the judge. Is Possession, and are Exorcisms real, or just something in your head?