Little Eyes, Wrong Place & Time… “Ghost Kid” Strikes Again.

I have a strange feeling we were being watched last night, by a kid. But not one of “my” kids.

I won’t go in to great detail, but we were in bed and had a ummm… nice evening by candle light.

A few times from the corner of my eye, I could have sworn that I’d seen some kid peeking through the slightly jarred door to our room. Every time that I looked that way, NOTHING was there, but the door.

One of those times, I think I’d seen the kid bolt. But there were NO sounds of footsteps.

Now, I wonder if this was just imagination going bonkers, or did I REALLY see a blond-haired kid of about a 7-year-old’s height keep trying to sneak peeks in to my room?… And at of all times, at that moment.

He (my husband) told me that a couple of weeks ago (more like his making an admission), that he had heard a young child’s laughter over by our toy area in the kids’ play area, which isn’t far at all from the family area, where he was, watching TV. There are no partitions, with exception to the wall between the TV area and the laundry room area.

He said at first, he thought it was his imagination. I was up here on the computer, kids all asleep. Then, he said it happened a bit later (minutes), and then said that he then knew it wasn’t his imagination.

Not to mention, the phantom runner (shadow), that I still catch a peek of, as it’s running through my hall, above the staircase to my basement. It ALWAYS seems as if the “person” is running OUT of my son’s room.

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The Dark Man In The Attic

It seems like the attic is just not a “go-to” place for me. I hate being up there. I don’t care what time of the day it is. Morning, afternoon, dusk or in the late evening.

Any time that I go up there, especially alone, I get the most uneasy of feelings. Dread and the feeling of not being “permitted” to enter the door to walk up the short flight of steps.

While up in that attic, which is fairly large and extends front to back atop my house, I feel like eyes are peering at me. Watching me intently and awaiting my next maneuver.

Yesterday, in broad daylight, and with my seven-year-old behind me, trailing up the steps, it was no exception. No sooner that I had gotten to the top, as to look for some Summer-type clothing for my child, thanks to it being unseasonably warm, I felt that we weren’t alone, and yes, I felt the electricity of those unseen eyes staring upon me once again.

As I even opened the door to ascend the staircase, before putting one foot on to the landing, this “electrical current” ran through me. I had felt my eyes widen and my heart start to beat just a bit faster. But I braved it, knowing that SOMEONE was not wanting me up there.

The entire time, all of about five minutes worth, I felt it. Like a man was watching from the corner that was diagonal from my right eye’s view. And I know that if I looked over there, I would see nothing. Because I have never seen him.

But I know he is a male, older, and mean as hell. I still to this day, say that HE is the one that pushed me down my basement stairs the first week I was here alone, after moving in to the house, and was going down the stairs to open the basement door for my two other children to come in from school. The youngest was still at home with me, being she was about three at the time of the incident.

I think I am finally at a point where I am ready to buy that Digital Voice Recorder. Not to hold a traditional EVP session. But to let it roll for a night on its own and see what I can capture upstairs. But also, the thought that something evil or sinister being caught on a digital recording outright and honestly terrifies me.

On the other end of that thought, to possible catch whomever is “stuck” in the attic would give me a better sense of what we are dealing with… Or shall we say, that I AM dealing with. It seems I am the primary target of it’s anger. Although, my middle child, my son, has seen a “Bearded Man”, and my oldest daughter has seen a shadow-hand reach around my son’s bed, where the door to the attic entrance is in his room, one night, as all three were in his room, having a “sleepover” (as my kids like to call it).

I need some answers, if at all possible. And I need to know who, why and what for, as to the Bearded Man obviously not caring too much for me and what he needs or wants. Maybe it’s to be free of this place. Or maybe he just wants us out, which is NOT going to happen.


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“Paranormal State”

**DISCLAIMER!**…. The author of this blog (lilmissmama) is in NO way being paid or compensated in ANY other means/manner via the Cable channel known as “A&E“, nor it’s television shows (be them still currently in production or cancelled and in syndication), “Paranormal State” or “Psychic Kids“, The views expressed in this blog post is of the author’s and of no others.

In all honesty, I truly miss the Paranormal State team. The ORIGINAL team. Here are some so-called “highlight” videos regarding their cases, their travels and those that they have helped during their TV run.

Here are some of the team’s scariest moments, according to them…

The team and their interactions with children who are in homes that are reportedly haunted.

A walk through/tour of famed psychic and demonologist, Lorraine Warren’s home.

Last, but MOST certainly not least… Satanism “explained”.

To me, this was one of the most surreal, realistic, non-“comical”, non-overly-dramatic shows that centered around the subjects of ghosts, hauntings and the Paranormal. As well as with the topics of demonology.

It was a true “documentary” that had shown the realities of what hauntings could really become. Because not all ghosts are Casper-like. And not all hauntings are non-violent or non-invasive. “Paranormal State” had helped to prove these points. And it also helped to disprove many things as well in the course of its run on A&E, instead of having a “flair” for the dramatic, and making things seem FAR worse than what the realities truly are for those that they had helped, and that they as a team of students were able to learn from and take away valuable knowledge.

I miss you, “Paranormal State”! But at least I still have Chip Coffey and his show, “Psychic Kids” on A&E to keep me from missing you guys so much.


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Let’s Vote!

There’s a lot of different Paranormal type/based shows out on the tube these days. Some are syndicated reruns of days gone by. Some are still in current production. Some cater only to ghosts and hauntings. Some cater only towards the UFO kind of guy or gal. Some are just about mythical creatures. But all in all, there is something out there for everyone.

Just for giggles, let’s take a vote to see what the overall most popular TV show based on the paranormal is. I’m honestly curious. Also, feel free to post in a comment WHY you have picked what you have as your favorite. Who knows, you may find a newly potential fan, and you also will possibly be willing to try something new to watch on Cable.


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Ghost Adventures team (Travel Channel) visits Virginia City, Nevada

My heart is in Nevada, even though I haven’t lived there in over a dozen years. I was born and raised in California, but now, to me, Carson City/Reno area of Nevada is “home”. Especially since a good chunk of my family is there.

The team of Ghost Adventures (Zak, Aaron and Nick) which airs on Travel Channel is one of my most favorite Paranormal TV series. And they are originally from Las Vegas, Nevada, where they founded the investigation team.

When visiting, and when I did live there in Carson City, I would take a trip to Virginia City, the famed town featured on the old hit show “Bonanza”. I’ve made my way to that old historic town countless times. And each time, it’s all new to me. I never get tired of walking through the town, in to the old buildings and learning a little more about it’s rich (and even somewhat dark) past.

Not to mention stopping through the old cemetery. Even during the day, for me at least, it’s alive. But not in the sense of having blood coursing through your veins. This “liveliness” has more of an ethereal feel to it. A certain vibe, if you will.

This coming Summer (2012), I am taking a long overdue trip back home, via Amtrak and taking my three kids with me. My husband will join us a few days later, coming in by plane, due to work schedule stuff. And yes, one of the stops that I will be sure to make while there, is over in Virginia City.

Including Bucket of Blood Saloon and the Old Washoe Club. And of course, the old cemetery.

To get myself revved up, I have decided to post a couple of videos from episodes of Ghost Adventures, where they… ventured to Virginia City to investigate. I do not own the videos, and am not endorsing Ghost Adventures, or am I endorsing Travel Channel. But I must say, seeing the guys walking through the town, stepping back in to history really excites me and gets me even more pumped to go back to my old…. haunts.



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California’s Most Haunted Places

Please take this video and all it states as claims, with a grain of salt. This video is almost an hour long and filled with various stories and claims of personal experiences and legends of hauntings throughout the state of California. Including the Whaley House in San Diego.

According to the date stamp, this is about 3 years old.

Part 1 of 6 of “Ghosts of California” with the date stamp being about a year and a half ago since it was posted.

To watch the other parts to this, please CLICK HERE.


Shadow Games

Shadow. That’s the name of one of my three cats. He isn’t all black, but is mostly covered in black fur. He actually got his name thanks to chasing his shadow and one time as a small kitten, jumping AT the wall to catch it. Only he got his bell rung.

But this isn’t about Shadow, the kitty. This is about shadows in the hallway near my children’s bedrooms.

Last week, after the kids were all in bed, and were INDEED sleeping, I went down stairs to watch some television and hang out with my husband for a while before it was time to go to bed ourselves.

Before finally deciding it was time to get some z’s, I had to make a trip upstairs to take my nightly medication and use the uh… little lady’s room.

I’d just gotten to the landing and then the first couple of steps, when I peered up, where the door to the basement was only partially open. And I don’t know why, seeing as usually, I am looking DOWN at the steps (bad eye, so cautious).

Suddenly, I catch a glimpse of what appeared to be “shadow feet” moving along the underneath of my door (it’s set a bit too high up in to the frame, so you can see underneath the door fairly well).

With the door partway open, I noticed the feet, and even some “shadow legs” moving somewhat steadfast past on the wall. It’s as if someone had been coming out of my son’s room, in a quick-walking manner. The bathroom light was on. If it weren’t for it being so, I can guarantee that I would never have been none the wiser.

The feet made NO noise whatsoever. No breeze was felt. Just the sight of shadows.

No, I wasn’t scared. Surprised, yes. But not frightened. I still got up the stairs, went about my business and then back down to go to bed.

At some point, I am hoping to buy a digital recorder and at first just place it up in the attic, seeing as I always feel uneasy up there. Even in the daytime. I want to see what kinds of things I could maybe pick up.

Then, eventually, I’d life to do an EVP session up there, in my son’s room, and in the family area of the basement.

Am I scared? No. Nervous? Yes. Because I am a tad bit worried in regards to what type of answers or responses I may end up getting. But my son deserves to be able to sleep in his room at night without worrying.

Shadows, including an arm and a hand, as well as a full-body shadow has been claimed to be seen at night, including by my oldest (who is very matter-of-fact and doesn’t take to playing things up).

I have had a child-cousin witness the doorknob of the attic door (with it being locked up via padlocking) turn and shake. As did one of my son’s friends.

Also, my son’s room remains MUCH colder than any other area of the house. And that includes the basement. Even in the summertime, it is relatively noticeable.

My husband and I have both in the past came face-to-face with either a shadow person, or a shadow fog/mist. And on both occasions, in OUR bedroom, late at night.

Someone… or something is trying REALLY hard to get noticed. For what reason, I have not a clue. Plus, the cousin in question has seen a shadow figure in the attic, according to her (again, not one to lie or embellish). And she described what my son has seen in the past.