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Clearly FAKED Footage

Seriously? Someone not only made one, but TWO, yes, two installments of a supposed haunting within their home. It looks more to me like a ripoff from “The Ring”, “The Grudge” or “Paranormal Activity”. It’s so stupid, it’s hilarious.

Here’s the first video footage of the “haunting”.

If you watch (even in still frames), you will see that the “ghost” is partially blotted out and all you see if the gown. Or is that a bed sheet?! And then, you don’t even see ANYTHING in other areas. Later in the film, the videographer tries to “touch” the so-called entity, which is VERY solid-looking.

Without further adieu, here’s the other video, by the same person that made the above video of a “haunting” within his house. Which takes on an even-more-so feel of “The Ring” or the “Grudge”.

WARNING! This dumb-ass fake-as-shit douche had placed in some stupid “music” that comes on REALLY loud and strong, as to scare the video’s viewers as he posts a written conclusion synopsis.

That is the ONLY thing of these two videos that made me jump or had my heart skip a beat. Otherwise, this crap is stupid.

How funny that he claims that he was the ONLY one home at the time of recording all of this. And NO lights were turned off, or infrared cameras were used.

Note how he doesn’t clearly pan up to the entire staircase top when he first starts to shoot the footage, then turns the camera back towards the living-room area.

How convenient! Now there are two girls at ONE TIME in the two frames (which he pans back and forth quite quickly, never picking up how they had shown up). Then, as solid masses, just “disappear” from the kitchen doorway and the bottom of the staircase.

To make matters even worse concerning this ass-wipe, he’s made even MORE “amateur” (AKA shitty and fake) home movies of the “haunting” within the home. I wouldn’t “subscribe” to that channel, let alone give the dude the time of day after seeing that conning bullshit.

Because of him and others like this guy, be it with video, still cameras, and whatnot, those of us that HAVE or DO HAVE *real* paranormal experiences get lumped together with the fakes of the internet world, as well as within the “real” world. Which is why those of us that are honest must choose wisely as to whom we tell, how we tell and be ready to lose family and friends over being a crackpot weirdo that loves to “make up scary stories”.



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First, A Rock. Now… Breaking My Stuff.

Look, I am ALL for being recognized. I’m not the kind of girl that likes to be ignored. And I’m not one to ignore people. Really. But I think it’s time to ignore, or at least TRY to ignore whomever is playing games.

And these games aren’t the kind that are really kid friendly. And they certainly aren’t games that keep objects safe, either.

Last week, I had posted about the rock that was flung VERY hard from INSIDE my home by unseen force and hands… or people. It whacked the metal of the screen door so hard, that it ricocheted off of the door, hit the wood door, then bounced off of it and landed right at the door way in between the two doors. To read that entry, CLICK HERE.

This morning another strange anomaly has happened. One that has not taken place in several months. The last occurrence in that spot happened somewhere in between Halloween and Thanksgiving of last year (2011).

It was an exact week since the rock incident. The only difference is that today’s problem happened this morning. The rock was thrown at around 4:30 in the afternoon of last Thursday.

Basically, this is what transpired in the dining room…

One of my salt/pepper shakers literally “flew” off of it’s shelf above the lizard’s cage and smashed all over my dining room floor.

There’s no conceivable way that this should have happened. If it fell, it would have hit the top of the cage, and bounced off, or have stayed atop the cage.

It was “thrown” off the shelf with so much force on to the floor, that it shattered…. Here we go again. Second thing from there to do that.

The shelf is firmly connected to the wall of the dining room, above my Bearded Dragon’s cage. You cannot access the back of the cage and the table that the cage sits on, being that both are right at, or extremely close to the wall.

And like I had already previously stated, the shaker never just tipped or fell over. If so, then it would HAVE TO land on Gobi’s cage (40 gal. long tank with screened top). Then from there, it would either come to rest on the top of the cage, or roll off (which is basically impossible with the cage being wide) and then hit the floor. Still, it would have maybe only cracked, but not all out shatter.

The salt shaker hit the wood floor with such a hard force, that it literally shattered in to small pieces. It’s as if someone got angry, grabbed the boot-shaped shaker and had thrown the shaker on to the floor very hard in a fit of rage and/or anger.

Thankfully, my kids (and the one child that stayed last night, being he is one of my son’s friends) were NOT in the dining room for breakfast when this took place. God only knows what could have happened.


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Shadows to laughter. Now Poltergiest Activity?!

I had a rock fly past from the INSIDE and whack my metal screen door to the side porch.

It hit so hard, that it ricocheted and hit the wood door, bounced off, and landed right at the door way.

The activity happened just over an hour ago…

That rock came from thin air. It was one from my walk way area that goes by the kitchen area of the house, leading to the main front driveway.

No one, and I mean NO ONE threw it. Not inside, nor from the outside. And it happened so fast, I really didn’t even see the rock go past me.

I had a cousin here at the time, and even she vouched for my son, who can do things on the sly, and stated that NO ONE, not even her boy cousin threw the rock.

Plus, it was thrown from the inside, not the outside of the house. And there was no one else but myself in the house when it happened.If anyone tried to sneak in to the house, be it from the basement, or from the kitchen, they would be heard. The stairs creek. And the kitchen door squeaks. And my kids are well… not the silent types.

The occurrence was so quick, I didn’t even know what hit my screen door until it fell to the ground at the doorway.

Great! I’ve gone from shadows, corner-of-the-eye apparitions, voices calling out or laughing, to poltergeist activity.


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The Dark Man In The Attic

It seems like the attic is just not a “go-to” place for me. I hate being up there. I don’t care what time of the day it is. Morning, afternoon, dusk or in the late evening.

Any time that I go up there, especially alone, I get the most uneasy of feelings. Dread and the feeling of not being “permitted” to enter the door to walk up the short flight of steps.

While up in that attic, which is fairly large and extends front to back atop my house, I feel like eyes are peering at me. Watching me intently and awaiting my next maneuver.

Yesterday, in broad daylight, and with my seven-year-old behind me, trailing up the steps, it was no exception. No sooner that I had gotten to the top, as to look for some Summer-type clothing for my child, thanks to it being unseasonably warm, I felt that we weren’t alone, and yes, I felt the electricity of those unseen eyes staring upon me once again.

As I even opened the door to ascend the staircase, before putting one foot on to the landing, this “electrical current” ran through me. I had felt my eyes widen and my heart start to beat just a bit faster. But I braved it, knowing that SOMEONE was not wanting me up there.

The entire time, all of about five minutes worth, I felt it. Like a man was watching from the corner that was diagonal from my right eye’s view. And I know that if I looked over there, I would see nothing. Because I have never seen him.

But I know he is a male, older, and mean as hell. I still to this day, say that HE is the one that pushed me down my basement stairs the first week I was here alone, after moving in to the house, and was going down the stairs to open the basement door for my two other children to come in from school. The youngest was still at home with me, being she was about three at the time of the incident.

I think I am finally at a point where I am ready to buy that Digital Voice Recorder. Not to hold a traditional EVP session. But to let it roll for a night on its own and see what I can capture upstairs. But also, the thought that something evil or sinister being caught on a digital recording outright and honestly terrifies me.

On the other end of that thought, to possible catch whomever is “stuck” in the attic would give me a better sense of what we are dealing with… Or shall we say, that I AM dealing with. It seems I am the primary target of it’s anger. Although, my middle child, my son, has seen a “Bearded Man”, and my oldest daughter has seen a shadow-hand reach around my son’s bed, where the door to the attic entrance is in his room, one night, as all three were in his room, having a “sleepover” (as my kids like to call it).

I need some answers, if at all possible. And I need to know who, why and what for, as to the Bearded Man obviously not caring too much for me and what he needs or wants. Maybe it’s to be free of this place. Or maybe he just wants us out, which is NOT going to happen.


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