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Clearly FAKED Footage

Seriously? Someone not only made one, but TWO, yes, two installments of a supposed haunting within their home. It looks more to me like a ripoff from “The Ring”, “The Grudge” or “Paranormal Activity”. It’s so stupid, it’s hilarious.

Here’s the first video footage of the “haunting”.

If you watch (even in still frames), you will see that the “ghost” is partially blotted out and all you see if the gown. Or is that a bed sheet?! And then, you don’t even see ANYTHING in other areas. Later in the film, the videographer tries to “touch” the so-called entity, which is VERY solid-looking.

Without further adieu, here’s the other video, by the same person that made the above video of a “haunting” within his house. Which takes on an even-more-so feel of “The Ring” or the “Grudge”.

WARNING! This dumb-ass fake-as-shit douche had placed in some stupid “music” that comes on REALLY loud and strong, as to scare the video’s viewers as he posts a written conclusion synopsis.

That is the ONLY thing of these two videos that made me jump or had my heart skip a beat. Otherwise, this crap is stupid.

How funny that he claims that he was the ONLY one home at the time of recording all of this. And NO lights were turned off, or infrared cameras were used.

Note how he doesn’t clearly pan up to the entire staircase top when he first starts to shoot the footage, then turns the camera back towards the living-room area.

How convenient! Now there are two girls at ONE TIME in the two frames (which he pans back and forth quite quickly, never picking up how they had shown up). Then, as solid masses, just “disappear” from the kitchen doorway and the bottom of the staircase.

To make matters even worse concerning this ass-wipe, he’s made even MORE “amateur” (AKA shitty and fake) home movies of the “haunting” within the home. I wouldn’t “subscribe” to that channel, let alone give the dude the time of day after seeing that conning bullshit.

Because of him and others like this guy, be it with video, still cameras, and whatnot, those of us that HAVE or DO HAVE *real* paranormal experiences get lumped together with the fakes of the internet world, as well as within the “real” world. Which is why those of us that are honest must choose wisely as to whom we tell, how we tell and be ready to lose family and friends over being a crackpot weirdo that loves to “make up scary stories”.



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EVP… Can they talk from the other side?

I have always been fascinated by EVP’s, or their full name, Electronic Voice Phenomenon. Supposedly those that have passed on to the other side of the veil, which we call “death”, through use of energy and electronic devices, including digital recorders, the dead can communicate with the living.

In other words, you can ask questions of anyone or of specific persons that you wish and hope to contact that has died and is possibly still around within the earthly realm, and the dead can answer back.

There are different types of EVP. Class C, Class B, and the best of the all, Class A. Class A is the clearest of them all.

Here is a run down provided by North Missouri Paranormal Research Society

Class A:The voices are understood by all listen. The words are actually somewhat load and clear. Voices or sound that is universally accepted and undisputed, because it must be understood by anyone with normal hearing and without being told or prompted to what is being said or heard. It can be heard without the use of headphones

Class B:Voices cannot be deciphered clearly and tones are very low and hard to understand. This class ofvoice is more common and can be heard by most people after being told what to listen for. It is usually audible to experienced persons who have learned the skill of listening to EVP. It can sometimes be heard without the use of headphones.

Class C:Voices are extremely faint and almost completely incomprehensible (most common but unexceptionable). Sometimes indecipherable and unintelligible. It may have paranormal characteristics, such as a mechanical sound. Most investigators would apply objectivity and disregard it, but may save it for reference purposes.”

There are others in the classification. To see them, please click on the link above.

Here is a Class A EVP…

I’m a huge Ghost Adventures (Travel Channel) fan. Last night, the guys had helped a personal friend of their and his family. Mr. Galka and his wife lost their daughter, Melissa in 2004. They wanted confirmation that indeed she was still with them. Especially when there was a celebration. Namely her birthday, on Valentines Day. This year, she would have been 25 years old if she were alive today. She was killed in an accident when in her Senior year of High School.

Is this Melissa really communicating from the grave?

Here is part three of the GAC episode, where even more communication has happened.


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“Paranormal State”

**DISCLAIMER!**…. The author of this blog (lilmissmama) is in NO way being paid or compensated in ANY other means/manner via the Cable channel known as “A&E“, nor it’s television shows (be them still currently in production or cancelled and in syndication), “Paranormal State” or “Psychic Kids“, The views expressed in this blog post is of the author’s and of no others.

In all honesty, I truly miss the Paranormal State team. The ORIGINAL team. Here are some so-called “highlight” videos regarding their cases, their travels and those that they have helped during their TV run.

Here are some of the team’s scariest moments, according to them…

The team and their interactions with children who are in homes that are reportedly haunted.

A walk through/tour of famed psychic and demonologist, Lorraine Warren’s home.

Last, but MOST certainly not least… Satanism “explained”.

To me, this was one of the most surreal, realistic, non-“comical”, non-overly-dramatic shows that centered around the subjects of ghosts, hauntings and the Paranormal. As well as with the topics of demonology.

It was a true “documentary” that had shown the realities of what hauntings could really become. Because not all ghosts are Casper-like. And not all hauntings are non-violent or non-invasive. “Paranormal State” had helped to prove these points. And it also helped to disprove many things as well in the course of its run on A&E, instead of having a “flair” for the dramatic, and making things seem FAR worse than what the realities truly are for those that they had helped, and that they as a team of students were able to learn from and take away valuable knowledge.

I miss you, “Paranormal State”! But at least I still have Chip Coffey and his show, “Psychic Kids” on A&E to keep me from missing you guys so much.


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Let’s Vote!

There’s a lot of different Paranormal type/based shows out on the tube these days. Some are syndicated reruns of days gone by. Some are still in current production. Some cater only to ghosts and hauntings. Some cater only towards the UFO kind of guy or gal. Some are just about mythical creatures. But all in all, there is something out there for everyone.

Just for giggles, let’s take a vote to see what the overall most popular TV show based on the paranormal is. I’m honestly curious. Also, feel free to post in a comment WHY you have picked what you have as your favorite. Who knows, you may find a newly potential fan, and you also will possibly be willing to try something new to watch on Cable.


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